Virtual Vision Solutions


VVS provides comprehensive and reliable solutions for visual information display

in command and control environments and commercial needs.

Our systems can manage information distribution over large networks with limitless number of sources, inputs , and connected operators.

We have years of experience working with mission-critical agencies worldwide, and our solutions are designed for air-tight functionality and  24 / 7 / 365  reliability with security. 

With that, we offer fully customized solutions for our clients, for special needs and any type of new setups.

Our Technology

Our technolegies consist of Software and Hardware, developed by dedicated teams in order to provide smart and advanced solutions for any need.

On the software side we offer a dynamically managed display setup that opens, decodes and presents wide veriety of sources in any layout and high scalability.

Apart of that we offer a video encoding & streaming software tool that casts out as many streams as the infrastructure is capable of.

On the Hardware side, we offer a veriety of Encoder & Decoder devices with different capabilities & layouts, to answer the customer’s needs.

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