Multi Display management system


A software based Multi-Display management suite that deploys any source, dynamically, over your display setup with realtime editing and preset layouts.
Designed for any type of setup whether it is a command and control video-wall, Digital signage,
Scattered displays, Artistic screens or any pixel space.

Presents wide range of sources & info types, From local video files & incoming streams
to Video capture inputs, text layouts, browsers, and many more.

A simple Key-bind controller or a Tablet controller are available for quick & easy remote video-wall operation.

With all that, a wide API & SDK interfaces are available for interacting with your own control system or any 3rd – party systems and controllers, such as Crestron, Extron, etc.

Software Encoder-Streamer


Reflection is a software based video multi – stream tool which encodes transcodes and casts local screens, video sources & incoming streams, over different network protocols.

Reflection allows you to prioritize different hardware components such as GPU ,CPU, Drivers, different Compression algorithms and more.

Features such as IP redundancy, Custom preset list, Automatic streaming and
a built-in RTSP server, will save your time managing your streaming tasks.

h.264|5 video Encoders & Decoders


With EpiX, a series of different
encoding, decoding & transcoding devices,
you will be able to process streams of H.264 and H.265
 from FHD to 4K at 30 to 60 fps.

Running additional substreams over various net protocols as 

​Controllable via web based UI, with a Web-API available for external use.

​Different connectors such as CVBS, SDI, VGA, HDMI etc. are available as needed.

Can be decoded by perception Video wall system and transcoded though Reflection streamer

For Rackmount cabinets

EpiX mount

A rack-mountable encoder-decoder box,
which comes equipped with 4 to 16 separated EpiX encoder / decoder modules
and fits neatly into a designated 1U to 3U case for server room cabinets.

This product provides a comprehensive solution for large-scale needs in different settings.